Thursday, June 20, 2013


creative resume

A creative resume is fairly important. Not only it resembles your personality, it also speaks your capability and creativity. Putting more effort and thoughts into creating an impressive resume is definitely worthwhile, as it is usually the first thing any employer sees before flipping through your entire portfolio.


Empathy is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being. One may need to have certain amount of empathy before being able to experience   accurate sympathy or compassion.


* Love, Romantic, Intimate, sharing, caring

* 2 in 1 ,Compatible

* in this ads shows one boy and one girl hugging each other ,both of them shirtless ,seem that girls sharing the same jeans with that boys.

they want to portrayed the intimate,sharing and caring situation , they want to tell us about this jeans can fit with they boys and girls.


* happiness , love, sharing

* Positive, awareness, No discrimination

* African girls hugging her child, while her child looks sad, but at the same time that baby looks comfort by hugging her mom,looks like that baby dont want to let her mom go.

Almost every minute, of every day, a baby somewhere in the world is born with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. But it need not be like this. Babies born to HIV-positive mothers don’t have to start their lives with ill health and a possible future of stigma and discrimination.

Monday, April 8, 2013

                       ASSIGNMENT #3
                      concept & idea

local tvc

first of all, what i like about this ads is "yellow man" and their tagline "I will follow u" very attractive and memorable. The jingle also very catchy, up bit tempo, memorable and simple but still represent the idea and concept. Idea for this TVC is basically to promote DIGI as the best teleco that can reach everywhere, anywhere without any doubt, so the concept for this TVC is to introduce YELLOW MAN as their mascot , they shows that yellow man representative as DIGI, the networking that can connect all over the world followed by the yellow man, as i concern this Ads give impact to the DIGI and the selling was increse because of this cutie yellow man..

                                                     INTERNATIONAL TVC

What i like about this ads is, black and white and silent ads this is very creative for me, silent ads for me is quite hard to do, because sometimes the messages cant really delivered. The idea for this ads is sex appeal, very seductive, they capture black and white to create the mood, and the concept for this ads is housekeeping, they want to introduce a young sexy ladies as a housekeeping , this ads basically is about a young ladies cant really focus at their job, while she keep on staring at Cristiano Ronaldo wearing tight jeans, but at the same time he keep on looking at his shirt...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

my creative idol

girls generation 

My creative idol obviously is Girls GenerationGirls' Generation is a South Korean girl group formed by S. M. Entertainment in 2007. The nine member group consists of TaeyeonJessica,SunnyTiffanyHyoyeonYuriSooyoungYoona and Seohyun


Also known as:  SNSD, So Nyuh Shi Dae (Korean), ShōJo JiDai (Japanese), Shao Nü Shi Dai (Chinese), SoShi, GG
Lables: SM Entertainment (South Korea), Universal Music Japan: Nayutawave Records (Japan)
Official Debut: August 5th, 2007 (on SBS Inkigayo
The members were professionally trained primarily in singing and dancing, while some members were also selected to be trained in acting and modeling. Many of the members already had made names for themselves in the Korean entertainment industry through their participation in magazine ads, television commercials, and small television appearances. The members of the group have had various activities as solo entertainers — acting in various video clips, dramas, and musicals; hosting various reality-variety shows; and releasing solo singles for drama soundtracks.

The group gained their popularity started from 2009, with their hit "GEE" . The music video for Gee was the #1 most viewed K-pop video on Youtube from 2009 to 2012, until it was surpassed by Gangnam Style by Korean rapper PSY. Girls Generation is a phenomenal , we cant ever doubt their talents, they can sing, can dance beautifully , they just born to be a superstar, its hard for me to choose which one is my favorite , because for me each one of them have their uniqueness , star quality, charisma, and  also with the different kind of attitude. They never failed to impress their fan with their new comeback, they keep on served us with the best, very fresh, they bring colors with their performance, young & urban, edge and sophisticated, with different style, image, and very fashionable . 

Dont you think they`re CUTE, BEAUTIFUL , HOT & SEXY!!

I`m gonna die looking at this pic, u guys are damn hot, Beautiful leg  dear!!

They keep on giving and produce good music year after year, they also wrote lyrics and compose such a beautiful song. One of my favorite song is "TELL ME YOUR WISH" , "RUN DEVIL RUN", "I GOT A BOY", "INTO THE NEW WORLD" and etc. I just love almost of their song.  I think they`re not just creative in produces music but they`re totally brilliant, they never failed to give the best, they`re try every genre, from cute and childish song to very vibrant, sexy and sophisticated, they not try to be others, they have their own strength . for example their dance very creative and still represent their own name/brand.

Their new Album "I GOT A BOY" , in this album they try to make it something new and fresh, they produce song and dance for this Album.

In terms of fashion they`re such a fashion maker, very stylist, colorful, vibrant, cute, hot & sexy, edge, couture , sophisticated, classy, all of them combine and create something new and fresh, they`re make sure everything showed  to the public must be representative them as an artist, not to over the top but pleasant. Their first debut they give something gurly and cutie, for their second album they want to showed to us something more colorful , and for their third album they give very sexy and hot look, and for their forth album they turn to retro, and for ther fifth album they want something robotic and millennium look, and for the  next album they dont want to wearing high heels and wanted to be like boyish look. They such a creative group , not in music and dancing but also with their looks.

Very hot & sexy and more matured looks

very soft, clean and cutie looks
They shows something more vintage and sophisticated

Something more vibrant and colorful 

Street & Ghetto,boyish look

Sunday, March 10, 2013


This quotes states that "winking at a girl in the dark" , in my  opinion its just something like you`re doing nothing without any goal/aim. for example you like someone but he/she doesn't know ur existence at all. In order to get attention , you have to do something to make him/her alert for ur existence,  the same thing with this situation, especially in Advertising industry, you have to make sure people know about your product, you have to market your product to make sure the consumer alert with it.

Almost impossible you can see someone winking at you in the dark, so that you need sort of light to get the clear view. same goes to advertising, In terms of selling product you have to make sure you advertise your product in any way so that consumer will stay alert with your product. 

Dont ever be like "SYOK SENDIRI"  in marketing you have to remember this 4P`s , first of all you have to think about PRODUCT, what are you selling? , next is PRICE, how much do you charge for your product?, and the third one is, PLACE, where to sell you product, and last but not least you have to think about PROMOTION, how will your advertise your product. You have to think all this think in order to create brand, product or services. You have to know who`s your Target Market, your competitor, what tools you want to use in other way to advertise your product? you must clear with your GOAL!! NEVER TURNING BACK, YOU HAVE TO TAKE A RISK AND NEVER GIVE UP, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IS BE CONFIDENT!