Sunday, March 10, 2013


This quotes states that "winking at a girl in the dark" , in my  opinion its just something like you`re doing nothing without any goal/aim. for example you like someone but he/she doesn't know ur existence at all. In order to get attention , you have to do something to make him/her alert for ur existence,  the same thing with this situation, especially in Advertising industry, you have to make sure people know about your product, you have to market your product to make sure the consumer alert with it.

Almost impossible you can see someone winking at you in the dark, so that you need sort of light to get the clear view. same goes to advertising, In terms of selling product you have to make sure you advertise your product in any way so that consumer will stay alert with your product. 

Dont ever be like "SYOK SENDIRI"  in marketing you have to remember this 4P`s , first of all you have to think about PRODUCT, what are you selling? , next is PRICE, how much do you charge for your product?, and the third one is, PLACE, where to sell you product, and last but not least you have to think about PROMOTION, how will your advertise your product. You have to think all this think in order to create brand, product or services. You have to know who`s your Target Market, your competitor, what tools you want to use in other way to advertise your product? you must clear with your GOAL!! NEVER TURNING BACK, YOU HAVE TO TAKE A RISK AND NEVER GIVE UP, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IS BE CONFIDENT!

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