Monday, April 8, 2013

                       ASSIGNMENT #3
                      concept & idea

local tvc

first of all, what i like about this ads is "yellow man" and their tagline "I will follow u" very attractive and memorable. The jingle also very catchy, up bit tempo, memorable and simple but still represent the idea and concept. Idea for this TVC is basically to promote DIGI as the best teleco that can reach everywhere, anywhere without any doubt, so the concept for this TVC is to introduce YELLOW MAN as their mascot , they shows that yellow man representative as DIGI, the networking that can connect all over the world followed by the yellow man, as i concern this Ads give impact to the DIGI and the selling was increse because of this cutie yellow man..

                                                     INTERNATIONAL TVC

What i like about this ads is, black and white and silent ads this is very creative for me, silent ads for me is quite hard to do, because sometimes the messages cant really delivered. The idea for this ads is sex appeal, very seductive, they capture black and white to create the mood, and the concept for this ads is housekeeping, they want to introduce a young sexy ladies as a housekeeping , this ads basically is about a young ladies cant really focus at their job, while she keep on staring at Cristiano Ronaldo wearing tight jeans, but at the same time he keep on looking at his shirt...

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